Arabic Language Courses - Why Us?

Our Arabic language experts set-up educational programs and courses according to internationally proven standards, while keeping pace with the latest findings of many researches in the field of language education.

In addition to the educational courses, Bilarabiya conducts several conferences and workshops at the center and across different platforms to strengthen the students’ linguistic, personal and social skills.

We seek to provide easy and enjoyable Arabic language lessons and training courses, away from the old traditional curriculum.


Students have completed the courses


Hours of intense lessons and training courses


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The courses are divided into 6 levels as follows:

  1. Preparatory Level: The student learns to use simple expressions to identify themselves (name, age, and place of residence) and to provide basic information.
  2. Beginner Level: The student learns to understand and use simple vocabulary and phrases in daily life.
  3. Pre-Intermediate: The student becomes able to interact with native speakers of the Arabic language to a good extent and understand basic conversations in their surroundings.
  4. Intermediate level: The student is able to interact fluently and conduct discussions in their field of specialization.
  5. Advanced Level: The student becomes proficient in using the Arabic language in various subjects and fields, and has high language skills in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  6. Professional: where a person is able to discuss, debate and make presentations on complex topics, and in all areas, with fluency and ease somewhat similar to native speakers. They’ll also able to easily understand everything they hear or read in Arabic.
  1. The student initially takes a test to determine the level of their language skills, based on their level in grammar and oral dialogue. The skills assessment test consists of an oral interview with one of our specialized teachers, in addition to a comprehensive test that determines reading, listening, vocabulary, and grammar levels.
  2. According to the result of the placement test, the appropriate course for the student is determined.
  3. The duration of each course is 1 month, consisting of 3 lessons per week – each session is one and a half hours.
  4. At the end of each course, the student is subject to an assessment exam to examine their linguistic knowledge.
  5. After the student completes all levels of the courses, they receive a statement of participation and success in the courses they have taken.
  6. Those who have completed all the training courses in Arabic can choose to take the Arabic Proficiency Test.
  1. Familiarize students with all the rules and methods of the Arabic language and acquire linguistic skills.
  2. Enable students to pass their culture to others.
  3. Develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the Arabic language.
  4. Develop the skills of self-expression and communication with others.