• Introducing The Project

    The Arabic Language Proficiency Test is a test that an individual takes to assess their talent and level in the Arabic language. It is divided into two categories: academic and general.

    Any individual who wants to assess their skills, whether Lebanese, Arab, foreign, or a university student can take it. Job applicants submit it as back-up when applying for various administrative jobs, as well as media professionals and employees of government institutions … in addition to other sectors and specializations, within certain categories and specializations.

The Purpose of The Test

  • Working on solving the duality issue of the spoken dialect and the classical language among Arabic speakers, as well as among foreigners who wish to learn it.
  • Seeking to improve the results of the official exams, which demonstrate a decline in the grades of the Arabic language subjects.
  • Measuring individuals’ ability to make effective use of language in practical communication, and through “listening, reading, speaking and writing”, which helps to evaluate participants clearly and fairly.
  • Reducing the common and massive mistakes made by most people, especially those involved in public affairs, politics, media, diplomacy and public administrations.
  • Recalling the rules of the language to make them familiar to the society in general, because the person is the enemy of what he does not know. Therefore, knowing the rules of the language enables its use in the correct manner.
  • How to Take The Arabic Language Proficiency Test

    The test requires a basic knowledge of Arabic grammar.
    A specialized committee of Lebanese academics has formulated questions aimed at comprehending the read material, enhancing the oral and written fluency, and comprehension via listening through four aspects of learning:
    – Reading
    – Writing
    – Conversation in Standard Arabic
    – Listening

  • How to Enroll For The Test

    – Visit:
    – Choose the date and time that suit you to take the test.
    – Click on “Submit Request”.
    – Fill out the form and upload a copy of your ID/passport.
    – Confirm the information you entered, choose the payment method you prefer, and then click “Register”.
    – An email will be sent to you with all the information related to your application.
    – For more information, call us on 009613717710 or visit our office in Sad Al Baouchrieh, GGS Tower 2, 9th floor.

  • Calculating the Test Result

    According to the result obtained by the test taker, their level is determined as per the following:
    – 90% excellent
    – 80% very good
    – 70% good
    – 60% medium
    – 50% acceptable

  • The Entity That Grants The Certificate

    The “BilArabiya” for Languages and Modernization” Association grants participants a statement of participation and competence in the Arabic language, based on the decision of the Minister of Education and Higher Education No. 810/m/2018 dated 7/17/2018.

  • Targeted Groups

    – The public sector, such as ministries and public institutions
    – The private sector, including companies, institutions and individual initiatives
    – The educational system: universities, schools, technical vocational institutions
    – Lebanese audio-visual and written media
    – Lebanese citizens in general
    – Foreigners residing in Lebanon
    – Diplomatic missions
    – International organizations operating in Lebanon
    – Similar associations
    – Everyone who wants to take this test